The Roero area: part of The Unesco Heritage since 2014

Located north of Alba, it boasts a thousand-year tradition in the development of high-quality crops.
Since Etruscan times, these rich lands have provided a natural habitat for the development of wine and fruit crops.
However, compared to other neighboring wine-growing areas, the Roero is characterized by a remarkable variety of landscapes and crops that, alongside the vine, see the presence of woods and orchards.
Agro-forestry (or agro-forestry) is a practice that finds wide space, the Roero in fact, thanks to its millenary culture and the high competence of its people in the agricultural sector, is recognized as one of the most avant-garde territories in Italy in the adoption of this innovative and at the same time environmentally and biodiversity-friendly method.
One of the landscape elements that characterize the Roero are the Rocche, steep reliefs that cut through the territory from southwest to northeast passing through Montà, where Nocciolar has its roots.
In 2014 the Roero DOCG area officially became part of the UNESCO World Heritage territories.